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This adorable mermaid sign is a fun customized kids name sign perfect for a mermaid kids room! Featuring a cute pink, blue and purple scale-like pattern that will tie in perfect to the mermaid theme. These signs professionally printed to quality metal featuring a beautiful mix of matte and glossy sheen's. Tilt and rotate to show the gloss in white areas of the sign, kids will have a blast too!


  1. Upon checkout, please note your desired text. Please type it exactly as you would like it printed. 
  2. Select your size & mount option.

NOTE: Our current processing time is 1-2 weeks (business days).


  • Can you do a custom size not listed? Currently, the sizes shown are the only sizes available for the specific product.
  •  Do you have other kids room themes? Yes! We have over 75+ designs of kids name signs and are happy to create a brand new sign to fit your theme if needed. Not all designs are currently posted to our website.
  • Can you change the coloring? Yes! text coloring can change without a problem, sometimes we can adjust coloring of the background as well. Please contact us before ordering to change colors.
  • Can my sign be used outside? Yes! Our signs are printed with UV ink technology that cures the ink directly to the metal making it safe from water, peeling & fading.
  • Can you make a custom sign with different backgrounds, text or colors? Definitely! Contact us, we would be happy to switch around fonts, font colors, layouts, backgrounds, etc to fit your needs.
  • How do I mount my sign? Your sign can be mounted with included pre-drilled holes (if selected) and drilled with screws or hung with string or ribbon. Opt for no holes and glue to a surface using appropriate glue for bonded surface or use command strips for lighter-duty applications that are free from weather exposure.